Spice up your Wedding Party with a Tango Show or dance Argentine Tango for your guests and family. We have throughout the years performed at marriage parties ourselves as well as helped the happy couple present an extraordinary and emotional exhibition for their wedding guests. Integrating your guests to interact physically in a short introduction to tango can break the ice on a social level and quick-start your party. Depending on the time available we can adapt to the amount of perfection you desire on your great day. We advise you to tell us well in advance and give an indication of the location as our national and international schedule is busy. Please inquire for a suiting offer for the day of your life.


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Terms and Conditions Tango Holidays

Terms and Conditions for our Tango Holidays for students

FIRENZE (ITALY) workshops

Yvonne Meissner: workshops february 2013

HAARLEM: Illigitimate action /

Using our texts with copyright at Yvonne Meissner / Eduardo Aguirre for own site.... annoucing teacher Ricardo Maceiras / El Pibe Sarandì who refused to work with ever again.

Tango holidays

Tuscany 27/5-5/6.2016: 9 days/8 nights half board of BODY/TANGO/ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE MEETING. Happy to welcome Caren Bayer famous Alexandertechnique teacher from NYC to get our bodies ready for spirals in tango..... Outodoor local milongas in Pisa, Florenc…

ASIA tour: march / april 2013

Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune

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