Argentine Tango frequently is associated with passion. In the beginning of this century, Europe has been overwhelmed with images and stories that led to this cliché. The reality in Buenos Aires gives us a very different impression. Tenderness and just body communication is an essential means of expression in daily life in Argentinia. A touch is aimed at listening to the respond and feedback of the other person, showing respect for the feelings of the other. There, tango functions as a way of tender communication in general and starts with a decisive, elegant way of walking and overall awareness and physical presence in space.

These communication aspects became the philosophy of Yvonne’s teaching, that is based on contact improvisation and rational explanations with the help of modern dance, Somatic Experiencing®, Focusing and Alexander technique with Tensegrity to understand where a movement starts from and consecutively comunicating it to the dance partner. Central aims of her teaching is the synchronization of the movent of the couple, thus moving as ‘one hart with four legs’, the understanding of everybody’s personal movement charakteristics as well as achieving the sensation of awareness of your partner’s movement and the space around. Yvonne teaches tango in movement schemes that might be part of figures, though not being aimed at cognitively learnt figures.

Yvonne Meissner dances Argentine tango since 1987, learnt most in Buenos Aires' famous Salon Almagro. From 1994 she pioneerd tango in Europe in several cities and teaches internationally since 1996 in Europe, the USA, Canada, Brazil and Asia next to Argentina. From 1994 she was the first organizer outside Argentina organizing the “Milongueros de Pista” Cacho Dante and Susana Miller, Eduardo Aguirre, causing major changes in our definitions of social tango in Europe and the USA and led to close embrace dancing. Luis Ferraris, Ricardo Maceiras (El Pibe Sarandì), Ana Maria Schapira, El Pibe Avellaneda followed.

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Yvonne Meissner: workshops february 2013

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Tuscany 27/5-5/6.2016: 9 days/8 nights half board of BODY/TANGO/ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE MEETING. Happy to welcome Caren Bayer famous Alexandertechnique teacher from NYC to get our bodies ready for spirals in tango..... Outodoor local milongas in Pisa, Florenc…

ASIA tour: march / april 2013

Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune

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